SureVideo Documentation


What is SureVideo?

SureVideo is a kiosk video player that can enable your Android tablets and sticks to play only selected media files (videos/audio/images/flash files) in kiosk mode. It makes your Android device appropriate for trade shows, exhibitions, kiosks at public places etc.

How does it work?

Download and install SureVideo on your Android device. Access the password protected admin settings and create a playlist by specifying the folders or media files (videos/audio/images/flash files). SureVideo will then block all the applications on the device and play only the allowed media files in lockdown mode.

Key Features:

Play your videos/audio/images/flash files in kiosk mode

Supports all Standard & High-Definition video formats (Device dependent)

Easy to add videos and edit playlist without interrupting the playing videos

Automatically loop videos

Option to enable or disable playback controls

Overlay Media Controls with customizable functions

Option to enable live RSS Feed on SureVideo Screen

Supports full-screen video playback for better user experience

Auto launch SureVideo at startup to play configured playlist

Password-protected exit and application configuration

Switch to album view or create a custom designed html page for home screen

and many more...