Run Script (Android)

Run Script  job allows admins to remotely run customized scripts on the enrolled devices.

To create a job to run customized scripts and deploy it to the enrolled device(s) or group(s) remotely, follow these steps:

1.   On the SureMDM Web Console, navigate to Jobs > New Job > Android > Run Script.    

2.  In the Run Script prompt, enter a Job Name, Script and click Save.


      To add a pre-defined script in the Script box, follow these steps:

       a.  Select a feature under All/Knox/EA/Shell.

 b.  In Run Script prompt, insert the script in the blank space (if required) and click Validate.

                  A confirmation on successful validation will be displayed.

       c.  Click Insert.

            The newly created job will be listed in the Jobs List section.

3.  Go back to Home tab and select the Android device(s) or group(s).

4.  Click Apply to launch Apply Job/Profile To Device prompt.

5.  In the Apply Job/Profile To Device prompt, select the job and click Apply.