Enroll SureMDM Account with Android Enterprise (BYOD- Gmail Account)

To enroll  SureMDM account with Android Enterprise, follow these steps:

1.  On the SureMDM Web Console, navigate to Profiles > Android > Enroll Android Enterprise.

2.  On Enterprise Enrollment prompt, select Enroll using your Gmail account.

3.  On Google Play screen, click Sign In to login with the Gmail account and click Next.

4.  Enter organization name in Business Name and click Next.

5.  Enter EU Representative details: Name, Email, Phone and click Confirm.

 A message will be displayed on completion of Android Enterprise setup.

6.  Click Complete Registration.

Once Android Enterprise enrolled to the SureMDM account,  two new options are visible in Profiles > Android screen.

1.  Android Enterprise Apps

Under Android Enterprise Apps, there are following options:

Login to Google Play for Work – This option displays list of Enterprise Approved Apps.  To approve apps, go to Google Play for Work, log in using the same Gmail account enrolled with Android Enterprise and start approving apps.

Configure Store Layout – Admin can use the basic layout or create a new page to display all Enterprise Approved Apps.

2.  Settings 

This option allows to change store layout, keep track of Enterprise Approved Apps and licenses, and option to unenroll from Android Enterprise.