Configure SureMDM Nix Agent with Android Enterprise (BYOD- Gmail Account)

Once the SureMDM account is enrolled with Android Enterprise, the device also needs to get enrolled with the Android Enterprise account. This process gets started with configuring SureMDM Nix Agent with Android Enterprise.

To configure Nix agent with Android Enterprise, follow these steps:

1.  Install SureMDM Nix Agent on the  Android device.

2.  Enroll the device with SureMDM account by giving Account ID.

3.  Go to Nix Agent Settings, tap Android Enterprise.

4.  On Android Enterprise Settings, tap Enroll your device.

5.  On Provision Enterprise screen, tap Set up managed profile on this device.

6.  Go through the terms and conditions and tap Accept & Continue

Once you accept and continue, setting up of work profile will progress.

Once done, SureMDM will create a secured Android Enterprise container on the device. The device user can verify this with a small orange briefcase badge appearing on SureMDM Nix Agent.

Note: For devices older than Android 6.0, the user needs to encrypt the device to complete the enrollment process. You can follow on-screen instructions to do so.