Configure SureMDM Nix Agent with Android Enterprise (Dedicated Device- Gmail Account)

Note: If an existing device is being enrolled under Dedicated Device profile, it has to be factory reset.

1.  Take a new device or factory reset the existing device.

2.  On the Language page, select the desired Language and tap Start.

3.  Connect the device with Wi-Fi network.

4.  Next, on Add your account screen, enter Email as afw#sureMDM and tap Next.

5.  Next, go through Google services and Accept to go to the next screen.

6.  On the Android for Work screen, SureMDM Nix Agent will be listed, tap Install.

      SureMDM Nix Agent will start downloading.

7.  On the Android Enterprise Configuration, select Skip Encryption and tap Next.

8.  On the Set up your profile screen, tap Set Up.

     The device will turn into kiosk mode with SureMDM Nix application.