What is SureLock Studio?

SureLock Studio is a tool used by enterprises for locking down Windows Mobile/Windows CE devices. SureLock Studio provides kiosk type execution environment on Windows Mobile/Windows CE devices where only Approved applications are allowed to run.

How does it work?

By design Windows Mobile/CE operating systems are generic platforms. They contain lot of built-in programs like games, browser, messaging apps etc. They also provide the users different ways to access and run those applications.

  • Start Menu
  • Hardware buttons (keypad)
  • Taskbar icons on top
  • File Explorer
  • Autorun on SD Card
  • ActiveSync
  • CAB Installation

SureLock Studio is a highly configurable solution which enables kiosk type execution environment on Windows Mobile/CE devices. You can use SureLock Studio Console to create/build lockdown projects by selecting only those Approved applications to run, and install it on the device. The users will then have no access to unapproved applications, device settings and other in-built functions.