What is SureLock?

Businesses with mobile workforce require secured and locked devices to ensure its responsible usage, improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost. One way to achieve the above mentioned objectives is by allowing access to only required applications and preventing the users from making any intended or unintended changes in the device. With SureLock, you can allow only desired applications to run on the device and only administrator can access the password protected settings to either modify lockdown configurations or exit the lockdown.

How does it work?

Download and Install SureLock on your Android device or stick. Access the password protected SureLock Admin Settings and specify the applications you wish to allow. Once you are back to SureLock Home Screen, only the allowed applications will reflect on the screen. The device users are then restricted to acess all other unallowed applications. The users also are blocked from accessing device home screen, device settings and SureLock lockdown settings.

Key Features: